Digital Pathology

The whole slide scanning system is housed in the Pathology labs in IGMM South. It is overseen by Helen Caldwell who you can contact for training and troubleshooting. If Helen is away, please e-mail the IGMM Imaging Helpdesk

 Hamamatsu Nanozoomer

Nanozoomer XR
  • Cost: £25 per hour
  • Location: ECRC Level 1 – Pathology labs
  • Manual and SOP for nanozoomer here
  • Magnification: x20 and x40 (plus different zoom images)
  • Channels: Colourimetric (H and E, DAB etc)
  • Slide loader can hold up to 320 slides.
  • Images can be viewed offline using NDP viewer, download here.
  • Analysis – QuPath Youtube channel for how to videos here

The Nanozoomer is booked through PPMS. For those new to the PPMS system, please read our user manual which explains how to register and make bookings.

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