The AIR has an array of online and in person resources for BioImaging, find us by email, on teams or in our Offices in CG 07.

Facility Staff Team 2022

The imaging team currently has 6 members. Ann Wheeler, Matt Pearson, Laura Murphy (mat leave Jul 22 – Feb 23), James Iremonger and Julia Auer (mat cover) have offices in CG.05/7 in IGC Central. Martin Lee (not in photo) oversees Intravital imaging and SRS Raman and is located in IGC South. Helen Caldwell oversees digital pathology and is also located in IGC South.

Ann’s recent talk about the AIR from Jan 19th 2022. Pdf is here

AIR Support

  • We can offer in-person and remote help, find us in CG.05/7, email us or contact us on MS Teams.
  • We have several support videos regarding the use of our equipment. There are videos for FAQs and turning on instruments.
  • During core hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm(*) you should find a team member who is available. Please let us know well ahead of time if you know you need assistance with a new or complex experiment.


Facility Maps – The facility has several rooms and is spread over two buildings.

Costs – AIR is a Small Research Facility. Information about facility recharge for University of Edinburgh users is here. As well as instrument access access charges cover: Bespoke scientific advice for the whole project life (Inception to publication), User Support, Bioimage analysis support, Training and guarenteed performance checking / Quality control of instruments.

Using the AIR– The AIR uses PPMS to manage our resources, we have details of how to use the booking software and the registration process. The facility is open access, we have details of our costs and guidelines.

We have manuals for each of our systems next to the microscopes and on the equipment pages

Our technical specification pages has information including details of objective lenses, which dyes you can use in our facility, protocols and information for publication. We also have how to videos for bioimage analysis on our you-tube channel.

The facility has a steering committee which meets annually.

AIR Staff support AIR equipment and our users. If you have a microscope in your lab and we aren’t busy in the facility we may be able to advise. However please remember our users are paying an hourly charge which includes our support as well as instrument access.

If there is an unmet scientific need or you would like to discuss research please speak to Ann. We have close links with other imaging facilities in Edinburgh through Edinburgh Bioimaging. We are very happy to listen and help.

Publication Policy: – Recognition of the contribution that core facility staff make to research is vital to the continuation of those facilities and the career progression of individuals. It is expected that suitable credit will be given in any resulting publications. This may take the form of acknowledgement or co-authorship, as appropriate. The CMVM Fair Publication Policy can be found here please also see the BioImagingUK and Royal Microscopial society endorsed publications statement.

We also have information about IGC core facilities, cryoelectron microscopy, ESRIC and other Edinburgh Imaging facilities accessed by following the links.

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