Super Resolution

ESRIC Super Resolution Microscopes – Our super-resolution microscopes are part of the multisite ESRIC facility. There is more information about ESRIC equipment on its website. We ask all users of this equipment to please acknowledge ESRIC in any publications. More information about protocols, tips and tricks are available in our technical section. Dragonfly can also carry out SRRF which is suitable for live super-resolution imaging.

We have an ESRIC OMERO instance under construction for external ESRIC@IGMM users

  • Cost: £51 p/h,
  • Room: CG13
  • Modality: SMLM-TIRF-Widefield
  • Lasers: 405, 488, 561, 647
  • Objectives: 60x, 100x
  • Software: NIS Elements
  • Application: STORM, DNA-PAINT, SRRF, Conditional
  • Manuals: STORM
N-SIM / SORA (Nikon)
  • Cost: £51 p/h
  • Room: CG13
  • Modality: Structured Illumination Microscopy
  • Lasers (nm): 405, 488, 561, 638 (SORA) 640 (SIM)
  • Objectives: 100x 1.49 Oil, 100x 1.35 NA Silicone, 10x 0.3
  • Software: NIS Elements
  • Manual: Here

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