There are plans to restart teaching in September 2022. Watch this space!

The facility is happy to take suggestions for new workshops and will run them if it’s considered there is enough demand. There is a form at the bottom of this page where you can submit your suggestions.

Past Workshops

Introduction to BioImage Analysis

Theoretical introduction to bioimage analysis and the software and resources available in the AIR. This talk is aimed towards users new to the facility. It is recommended that you attend this before other image analysis courses run by the AIR. It is usually run at least once a term.

Making Figures and Videos with Microscopy Data

Covering everything you need to display your data for meetings, reports and papers.

Introduction to Imaris

Hands-on Imaris workshop with a focus on analysis of 3D datasets.

Making Measurements in ImageJ/FIJI

Introduction to ImageJ/FIJI including ROIs

Introduction to CellProfiler

Hands-on introduction to constructing a basic pipeline in CellProfiler.

Introduction to writing ImageJ Macros

ImageJ macros can be used to automate repetitive tasks and are great for reproducibility. This workshop will demonstrate how to utilise facility macros and create a simple macro of your own workflow.

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