NIS-Elements is the commercial software platform from Nikon that can be used for both acquisition and analysis. Our deconvolution microscope, two of our confocal systems and our super-resolution systems use NIS-Elements for acquisition.

If you have used NIS-Elements for image acquisition it has some useful features for processing and display your images quickly. It also has some simple measurement tools although there is no way to apply them in batch.

There are three facility workstations with offline copies of NIS-Elements. If you want to use it you should check which workstations it is installed on here especially if you need an extra module (see below).

Extra Modules
  • If you used Granny, then you can deconvolve your image stacks in NIS-Elements on the two workstations (Holycow and Wee Beastie).
  • If you used the SIM, you can reconstruct your images on Holycow.
  • If you have used Thunder for STORM, you can carry out the localisation workflow on Holycow.
Facility Resources
  • We are currently generating a general guide to using NIS-Elements. Once done it will be found here.
  • More general information on image analysis concepts and terms can be found here.
External resources

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