Bioimage Analysis Service

We provide a full range of image analysis support from inception of research projects to publication. Support provided is tailored to the individual case from 1:1 software training to the production of bespoke analysis scripts.


Like other facility training, requests for image analysis support are submitted via the booking management system, PPMS. To request analysis help please fill out the Image Analysis Training Request Form with details of your project and the help you are requesting. If you are not familiar with PPMS, please see the AIR access page for more information.

The hourly charge for the use of the image analysis workstations is £3 per hour if AIR or ESRIC equipment was used to collect the data. Otherwise, there is a charge of £25 per hour. More information about the workstations can be found here.

Analysis support is free of charge if AIR or ESRIC equipment was used to collect the data. Otherwise, there is a charge of £25 per hour.

Please note, analysis support of a research project may be considered an intellectual contribution and it is expected that suitable credit will be given in any resulting publications. This may take the form of acknowledgement or co-authorship, as appropriate.


Laura Murphy heads up the image analysis service although other team members are capable, knowledgeable and happy to help.

The facility team members can be found in the imaging offices CG.05 and CG.07.

Commitment to open science

The facility is dedicated to open science, i.e. the idea that research outputs should be made publicly available for free at the point of access.

In general, open-source software solutions are preferred although we do use commercial software when appropriate. General-use scripts produced by the facility are hosted on Github and scripts written specifically for work that is being published are released and given a DOI using Zenodo.

Information Services has guidance on keeping your research open access.

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