Starting imaging in the AIR

It is looking increasingly like we are in a second wave of Cov-19. This means that the safe system of working which we developed in June 2020 still has not changed. This means, for some AIR rooms we can’t come into the room for training due to physical distancing.

In happy news we are now much better technically set up to support our AIR users. We have webcams, speakers, MS Teams on all of our facility imaging systems and are adding to the training videos. We also have a new virtual training suite in CG06. Please see here to see the video collection and do check back

We still can’t offer traditional training. However we are now able to offer virtual assisted sessions for our users which can help people generate the data they need. At the time of writing over 25 people have had these.

The Virtual training suite CG06. If you would like to work with another lab member you can also book onto either of these two PCs (HolyCow or Virtual training) on PPMS. You can then use MS teams and screen sharing to work collaboratively. Your PI may even like to join you.

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