Cov-19 Safe System of working

In Phase 2, easing the AIR will look and feel very different. We have changed the booking calendar. Equipment must be booked 24 hours in advance. Some equipment has moved rooms and some rooms are single occupancy only. We are not offering training, coaching or one to one support. For this reason, only experienced workers will be able to use the imaging facility. If you have less than 6 hours accumulated experience on a microscope or have not used it for 6 months you will not be able to book the equipment. Instead facility staff will do the work for you. We have set up the facility so it can be accessed by core staff remotely. They can be contacted via Microsoft Teams which is available on all machines. We have minimised clutter in the facility which makes it difficult to clean. All manuals can be found online instead.

  • Lab coats and fresh gloves are mandatory in all parts of the facility
  • It is essential that the route around the facility, room occupancy and Social Distancing are followed.
  • Only 1 worker at per microscope, no groups. Some rooms are single occupancy. If they house 2 pieces of equipment only one can be used.
  • All bookings of equipment must be made 24h in advance. Arrive on time for your booking. There are 15 minutes at the end of the booking to allow for equipment cleaning and safe exit from the facility space
  • All parts of the microscope which have been touched must be CLEANED with 70% Ethanol after use. Including eyepieces, any part of the microscope, mouse, keyboard and desk areas. Spray bottles and tissues are provided.
    • Equipment is to be cleaned by spraying 70% Ethanol onto a tissue and wiping. Used tissues to be disposed of in clinical waste bins.
  • In the event of equipment failure or a technical issue.
    • We will not provide face to face support. Please do not come to the imaging office.
    • Use MS Teams to contact facility staff
    • If there is an error with equipment you will be required to leave the room prior to facility staff entering.

Manuals are online:

Facility Map showing new microscope locations

Core facility ring around: (0131-6)   518 767

(Please wipe phone with 70% ethanol after use)

If you have imaging requirements but do not have sufficient experience to use the facility in Phase 2 there are two options available. Firstly ask an experienced colleague to do this for you. Secondly facility staff can do this work for you. You need to fill in an imaging request form and a project form on PPMS for this. Facility staff will respond to this in due course. Please be aware that we are short staffed at present and will make our best endeavour to provide service.

We are expecting all users to comply with these rules. Non compliance may result in withdrawal of access to the imaging facility until the Cov-19 situation eases.

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